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As a CNA, I have many years of experience assisting and supporting clients in accomplishing their activities of daily living (ADL). These responsibilities require knowledge, constant practice and a good attitude towards my clients in care. I know my clients want and need freshening up every day to feel fresh and clean. Being clean keeps them away from germs and bacteria that can cause various diseases. This is why I am caring and gentle when assisting them with:

Bathing: Bathing makes residents look good, feel good and smell nice. Dirt and harmful microorganisms are removed from the body and allows the nursing assistant to observe and assess the resident’s health and well–being.

Oral Care: Clients may have body impairments and as a result they need assistance in cleaning their mouth. This includes brushing of their teeth and/or dentures.

Grooming: Grooming may include shaving, care of the hair, pedicure and care of supportive devices such as hearing aids and eyeglasses. Grooming not only makes residents feel and look clean, but also promotes a better self-image.

Nutrition: I ensure that my clients diet is balanced, with be the proteins that help cell growth, carbohydrates that provide direct energy needed and fats that fuel cells. I also make sure they are getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals and water to maintain the functions of all their bodily organs.

Toileting: My role is to assist the residents in their daily toileting routines. This is to maintain the pattern of toileting and keep them away from harm.

Rest & Comfort: Although many clients need naps during daytime, I also make sure that they are not napping too much. This is because it can affect their sleeping patterns, making them to stay awake at night and feel drowsy during daytime. I encourage them to do diversion activities such as meditation, listening to music, providing a back rub and creating a peaceful and quiet environment.

  • Experienced assisting clients who’ve had different types of surgery: brain, back, knee and hip
  • Taking Vital Signs
  • Comforting Clients
  • HIPPA Compliant: I take 2 classes every month to stay up to date with new regulations to deal with viruses, diseases, and epidemics
  • CPR Certified
  • County Villa
    Rehabilitation Center
    January 2007 – Present
  • Royal Terrace Health Care
    February 2016 – Present
  • High School Graduate 1990

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Linda Martinez has been one of my nurses during the time I have been at Buena Vista. Linda is knowledgeable, alert, experienced and sincerely caring for her patients. She responds quickly when I call and listens to my needs. I feel that a patient would be fortunate to have Linda for their nurse.
Margot Vickery
Patient - Buena Vista